TLD-uri si gTLD-uri noi disponibile pentru activare

Incepand din data de 15.03.2014 sunt disponibile pentru activare si extensiile de domenii: TLD Ani Taxa activare Taxa reinnoire valabilitate Taxa ... بیشتر »

15th Mar 2014
Promo price register domain .eu ( 1.03.2014 - 30.04.2014 cost=3euro/domain)

Generic Promo Parameters   Promo Start Date The promo will be enabled from this date 1-3-2014 Promo End Date The system will automatically end the promo on this date 30-4-2014 Customer Promo Parameters   Promo Price for Customers This price applies for the duration of this promo - old price=8 ... بیشتر »

9th Mar 2014
Promo price register domain

Currently Available Promos

  • .CA Domain Name
  • .CO Domain Name (2nd Level)
  • .IN Domain
  • .IN Domain (3rd Level)
  • .ME Domain
  • .SX Domain
  • .WS Domain

9th Mar 2014
New gTLD’S going live on Tuesday 4th March 2014

We are activating some of the new gTLD’s this coming Tuesday. Please note that the ICANN RAA 2013 verification email for these gTLDs will be sent out for any of the following gTLDs as we are using the LogicBoxes credentials for these domains until we sign the 2013 RAA when the “waiver” situation has been sorted out with ICANN ... بیشتر »

4th Mar 2014

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