ActiveSync Support

Exchange ActiveSync support is now available with the Z-Push - ActiveSync Support plugin. It allows cPanel users to sync their cPanel calendars, contacts, and email on Android devices

29th Aug 2021
New nTLDs going live w/b: 10th September 2018

New nTLDs going live w/b: 10th September 2018 Next week we will be activating some 50 extra nTLD’s, there will be a single price across all tiers.  Find below the Registration / Renewal / Transfer pricing, as well as restore pricing. As these are new to NEO, the pricing is currently not the best and as we see more registrations / transfers ... Continuare »

7th Sep 2018
458 TLD-uri disponibile pentru reseller si end user prin

Actualizare TLD-uri disponibile pentru inregistrare sau transfer:- 458 TLD-uri disponibile: | | .academy | .accountant | .accountants | | .actor | .adult | | .agency | .airforce | .amsterdam | .apartments | .archi | .army | .asia | .associates | .attorney | .auction | .audio | .auto | | .band | .bar ... Continuare »

30th Ian 2018
Verisign .net Fee Change in Feb 2018

As per our blog, Verisign is increasing the pricing for the .NET extension on the 1st Feb 2018. From the blog : Verisign will be increasing the .net pricing as of Feb 1st 2018 at 0000 UTC. To facilitate the increase, we will be raising the pricing of registration, renewal, transfer and restoration by $1.00 per year as of January 31st 2018 at ... Continuare »

28th Ian 2018
Important update | Sunsetting of CentralNIC Second Level Domains

Dear Partner, From 1st May 2017, CentralNic will cease to operate the following second level domain extensions: .AR.COM, .GB.COM, .HU.COM, .KR.COM, .QC.COM, .NO.COM, .SE.COM and .UY.COM. These extensions will close on May, 1st 2017. This means that any domains on these extensions after April, 30th 2017 will no longer resolve. In March 2016, ... Continuare »

30th Mar 2017
PHP version

The PHP 5.6 branch no longer receives regular bug fixes and will only receive critical security updates until it reaches its end of life. We recommend updating to a supported PHP version. Please see for more information.Currently Supported Versions BranchInitial ReleaseActive Support UntilSecurity Support ... Continuare »

9th Feb 2017
TLD-uri noi disponibile

Over the coming days, we will be enabling a new set of gTLD's, these will include : .LONDON Domain Names .LA Domain Names .CO.COM Domain Names .HAUS Domain Names .GLOBAL Domain Names .ACCOUNTANTS Domain Names .CREDITCARD Domain Names .CREDIT Domain Names .INVESTMENTS Domain Names .LUXURY Domain Names .ACTOR Domain Names .ROCKS Domain ... Continuare »

17th Sep 2014

Facilitate noua implementata pe serverele de gazduire shared: privire de ansamblu de CloudFlare CloudFlare protejează și accelerează orice site on-line. Odată ce site-ul dvs. este o parte a comunității CloudFlare, traficul web este rutat prin intermediul rețelei noastre inteligente la nivel mondial. Noi ... Continuare »

13th Apr 2014
TLD-uri si gTLD-uri noi disponibile pentru activare

Incepand din data de 15.03.2014 sunt disponibile pentru activare si extensiile de domenii: TLD Ani Taxa activare Taxa reinnoire valabilitate Taxa ... Continuare »

15th Mar 2014
Promo price register domain .eu ( 1.03.2014 - 30.04.2014 cost=3euro/domain)

Generic Promo Parameters   Promo Start Date The promo will be enabled from this date 1-3-2014 Promo End Date The system will automatically end the promo on this date 30-4-2014 Customer Promo Parameters   Promo Price for Customers This price applies for the duration of this promo - old price=8 ... Continuare »

9th Mar 2014